Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some day my roof will come

So, here we are, in a "state of expectancy". After the last hailstorm
we contacted a series of roofing contractors finally having decided to
just go ahead and "bite the bullet" (actually, with this structure,
it's more like nibbling a cannonball). It's been 28 years since the
last roof job. It's time. Of course, the place to begin is shopping,
normally one of my favorite things to do. But I quickly discovered
that shopping for shingles is not even close to the fun of shopping
for that perfect little print to accent the favorite corner lamp.
First of all, it isn't enough to find a shingle that you like the
looks of. You have to consider there are 20 year shingles, 40 year
shingles, 50 year shingles and lifetime shingles. This prompts the
question, unless one is demonstrating longevity reminiscent of ancient
biblical characters, how can you justify the extra bucks for the
lifetime shingles over the merely 50 year shingles? Then there are
the 70 MPH shingles versus the 120 MPH shingles. Just when you think
you've got it all figured out you happen on to a "new" salesman who
introduces you to your opportunity to save insurance dollars by
considering yet another classification: the fire rated shingle!
But wait, that shingle is only available in ugly colors. Why? Because
even though there is no difference between the flammability of the
fire rated color and the lovely color you've just spent weeks settling
on, it costs a gazillion dollars to get a shingle fire rated and each
color has to be rated separately.

OK, so all the painful choices have now been made, all the references
have been called, and as I said, we're in a "state of expectancy".
After having had a crane set 12,000 lbs. of plywood, tar paper, etc.,
on our roof, we are waiting for our roofer. We called him when he
didn't arrive on Tuesday morning as scheduled. He finally returned our
repeated calls informing us that he and his crew are burned out. The
heat on the roofs had just gotten to them. He's taking a vacation in
the Carribean (isn't it hot there too?) He'll start our roof in late
August, when they're rested.

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leo said...

That just beats all! Your posts are always an enjoyable read. Keep your head up and a magnet to the parking so my "Bug" can visit.